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Santa Catarina



The city of Blumenau has the 2nd biggest Oktoberfest of the world.

Santa Catarina is a state in southern Brazil with one of the highest standards of living in the country. Its capital is Florianopolis, which mostly lies on the Santa Catarina Island. Neighboring states are Rio Grande do Sul to the south and Parana to the north. It is bounded on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west it borders the province of Misiones, Argentina. Most of its inhabitants are descendants of Portuguese, German and Italian immigrants. The beaches along the coast of 561 kilometers (348 miles) are a great attraction for tourists visiting the smallest State of the South Region. Florianopolis, the capital, is on an island and is one of the Brazilian cities that receives the most foreign tourists. To the south, Garopaba is the preferred destination of surfers looking for good waves. In the mountain region, Sao Joaquin is the attraction during winter because of its low temperatures. Blumenau, in the interior of Santa Catarina, is the stage for one of the biggest events of the country: the Oktoberfest, a traditional beer party originated from Germany, that happens in October. The heritage of the Italian, German and Portuguese immigrants can be seen in the architecture and the customs of the state. Joinville is Santa Catarina's largest city.

Santa Catarina offers a number of sights and events throughout the year: rural tourism, thermal mineral resorts, ecological tourism and adventure sports, historic monuments and sights, religious tourism, Beto Carrero World and Unipraias parks, and beach resorts of Florianopolis.

Some of these sights can only be seen in the off-season, like the snow on the Catarinense Mountain Range - the only place in Brazil where it snows every year.n

Florianopolis, the city/island State Capital attracts a large numbers of tourists during the summer months who visit its 42 beaches.

There are also many smaller resort towns, including Itapema, PiƧarras, Barra Velha and Penha, home to the famous amusement park "Beto Carrero World".

Stair of Old Church in the Garopaba city - Santa Catarina - Brazil

Closest Airport:
Hercílio Luz International Airport
Airport Code:
General Location:
Eastern South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean

A tucano at the Zoo, Brusque, Santa Catarina

Local Motto or Saying:
Ordem e progresso (Portuguese, Order and progress)


A view of Balneario Camboriu, a popular beach city in Santa Catarina, Brazil.




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